Krippendorf Handmade Mutes

Krippendorf Handmade Mutes

In a quest to develop the highest quality wooden mutes, I enlisted the help of my friend, Heiko Krippendorf. Heiko is a master woodcraftsman for many of the famous homes of Hollywood and also a talented musician and lover of brass instruments! I initially approched him after I got the idea to see if he could duplicate my beloved DePolis bass trombone mute. The result was a solid wood mute instead of the particle board of the original. My expectations were exceeded in all areas.

There are many wooden and fiber mutes available on the market at a variety of quality and price levels, but Heiko's mute is the only one of I know of that would be called an heirloom piece. Krippendorf mutes are perfectly smooth. It is a stunning piece to behold... as it looks like the mute was just conjured up from thin air, appearing before your eyes like magic. This is a piece of playable artwork in ever sense.

Just having a great looking mute is something, but the sound has to be great. Because this mute is made of real wood, it has its own resonance, character and color. There simply hasn't been another mute made like this as far as I know, ever.

We have plans to develop an entire line of mutes for trumpet, french horn and trombone. At the moment, our bass trombone mute is the only mute in production at this time. I know that this mute isn't for everyone. But there are some players out there that want the best, want something special and unique and this mute is for them.

Current Offerings:

-Krippendorf Handmade Bass Trombone Mute, based on the DePolis Mute, finished in black walnut burl, lacquered $465

*Shipping to be calculated at time of order and billed seperately. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail and I am happy to ship both domestically in the USA and Internationally. Please allow 3-4 weeks from date of your order for fabrication.

*Custom Orders: Other exotic woods (Mahogany, Rosewood, Zebrawood, Snakewood, Ebony, etc) are available on request, a small fee will be added for custom mutes. Please inquire directly with your request via E-mail.
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